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The Better World Club offers an alternative to Triple-A for roadside assistance. Here's what our own Jenn Sass has to say about it: "They are like the traditional
AAA roadside assistance, except where AAA puts your money to work
AGAINST bike trails and public transport, and FOR expansion of roads
and highways, BetterWorldClub is the opposite. BetterWorldClub lobbys
for rails-to-trails programs, for public transportation, for bike
paths, and for reduced fleet emissions for new cars. And, my family
has had them for about a decade, and their roadside service is as good
as anyone. I'm a very happy long-time customer, and encourage you to
give them a try."

Bethesda Green
Through the collaborative efforts of businesses, government and residents, Bethesda Green serves as a catalyst and trusted resource in building a dynamic model community for sustainable economic growth and living.

My Green Montgomery
Your guide to living a green life
in Montgomery County, Maryland

Poolsville Green
Poolesville Green is a nonprofit organization founded in 2010 to promote the appreciation, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, chiefly energy and water, in and around the town of Poolesville, Maryland, including Dickerson, Barnesville, Boyds and Darnestown.

Beyond Pesticides
Got a pest problem, but don't want to poison your home to solve it? This link will help you find local service providers anywhere in the U.S., along with suggestions you can try yourself. If you can't find what you want on the website, phone them at 202-543-5450. Jen has had great success with Bio-Logical Pest Management, Inc. (202-237-7509). They also do pest home inspections when you purchase a new home.

Green Building Institute - offering courses and workshops on green building and gardening.

Repower America - Al Gore's outfit with lots of good information

Repower at Home - A clean energy future starts with us. Sign the Energy Trendsetter Pledge and commit to take action.

Vickie Baily's Raingarden Photos

Conservation: the Quickest Route to Sustainability